Type of object
Technique and material


From 1600 to 1700
14 cm

This spoon from the 17th century, with its large bowl and twisted handle that ends in a decorative ball and ring, shows the importance of silverware for the elite of this period. It is also proof of their good taste. Actually, only aristocrats could afford the luxury of this precious material. Hence the centuries-old tradition in wealthy families of godparents giving their godchild a silver spoon in a decorative case when they are christened: it underscores their high social status.

Although beautifully crafted, this spoon from the Alimentarium collection does not have the elongated form of a christening spoon. Instead, like the knife and fork, it is a cutlery piece that was increasingly used at the table. During that era, the spoon was no longer an object shared between several people or only used for serving, but was increasingly used as an individual utensil for eating meals.