Tin, Chocoline

Type of object
Technique and material

Tinning, paper

8 x 7.5 cm

This tin of Dutch brand name Chocoline cocoa-based spread was made in 1939 and illustrates the role Swiss companies played in the condensed milk industry in the Netherlands. The American Gail Borden invented sweetened condensed milk in 1856 and, from 1866, the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company headed the market for this product in Switzerland. However, local milk supplies could not meet demand thus, in the early 20th century, Anglo-Swiss sought resources in the Netherlands. Oursina, the number two Swiss milk company, followed this example and, from 1918, sub-contracted part of its production of Bear-Brand condensed milk to the Nunspeet dairies in the Netherlands. In 1938 it founded the Vereenigde Veluwsche Melkproductenfabrieken (VVM), which then began to produce Chocoline spread.

Thenceforth, as with most other transformed dairy products (infant food and drinks), Chocoline was marketed as an indispensible source of protein for children.

indispensable aux enfants.