Sample case, Nestlé

Type of object
Sample case
Technique and material

Leather, paper, fabric

19 x 46 x 33 cm

This leather case from 1937 contains packaging samples of chocolate products manufactured by Nestlé Peter Cailler Kohler (NPCK) in Broc and Orbe, in French-speaking Switzerland. Nestlé – the company founded by Henri Nestlé (1814-1890) that launched a powdered milk substitute for babies – bought PCK in 1929 and quickly benefited from this corporation’s multinational network.

Following the economic turmoil caused by the two world wars, the chocolate company had to be creative to revive consumption: posters, enamelled plates, collection stickers and other promotional material were developed on a large scale.

Packaged in tinfoil and colourfully printed wrappings, these plaster samples could not be distinguished from the real market items. They were used to decorate display stands, grocers’ windows and sales representatives’ sample cases: chocolates that never melt and are pleasing – but only to the eyes!